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Renita Price

Hi, I'm Renita Price

Founder of 

Slayed Beauty LLC


This is my Story


I am Renita (Reny) Price, Owner, Operator/CEO and Hairstylist of Slayed Beauty LLC and creator of Slayed Beauty Collection Hair Care products, a Black Owned Hair Care Brand based in Minnetonka,MN, focusing on Strength, Moisture, Hydration, Growth and the overall Health and integrity of your hair!


I've always known that I wanted to be in Hair Industry, I just didn't think it would take so long. Growing up in Chicago and being raised by Entrepreneurs, I take everything that I’ve learned about “being your own boss” from a young age and apply to my business everyday, reaffirming that anything worth having is worth working hard for! As a young girl, I knew that I needed to do something with all of my creative skills, I just couldn't quit put my finger on it. I tried Writing, Sewing Clothing, Dancing, acting, and even the Medical Field. But it wasn't until I got fed up with Prerequisite courses and not being able to fully express myself in the way I wanted to  that I had one simple conversation with my mom and she reminded me of my true passion, the beauty industry! From then on, my number one goal is to have each and every one of my “Slayed Beauties” feel special and empowered, leaving out of my Salon happier than when they came in. I finally got the  nerve to enroll in Cosmetology School. There, I tapped into abilities I didn't even know I had! From Coloring to Cutting to doing Hair Extensions, I was just amazed in the endless amount of avenues you can go in this industry. Fast forward two and a half years taking all the skills I've learned along the way, helped me with being able to open my own Salon Suite, giving each client the Celebrity Experience. And so the #Slayage Begins

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